Logo Identity &
Brand Design

We create functional, Responsive and visually attractive websites, that is are our specialty. We know that finding a perfect balance between modern design, intuitive functionality, and business objectives is key to success.

Stages of Identity / Logo design


To understand the needs of business, industry and the problem we are trying to solve. The purpose of the brief is to understand the project, so the more we collaborate and discuss, the better initial design concepts will be.


Once the brief is complete, we will go through and research to build up a solid base to work from moving forwards. There may be aspects of the business that haven't been mentioned in the initial discussion, but the key point is to understand the problem and to provide the best solution possible


Each great logo design starts with a sketch. Often sketching or doodling with a rough brainstorming session. Once we have some rough ideas to work with for the logomark, we will think about how the company name will be represented through the logotype that is appropriate to the Brand, and color build color schemes to evoke the certain emotion we aimed at too.


At this point, we collated the strongest logo concepts and show how the logo looks on various background colors, at different scales and alongside some logo mockups, such as a rendering of the design on a mobile screen, uniform or vehicle wraps. This helps to visualize the logo in a ‘real world’ setting, rather than just central on a page.


Based on the feedback and discussion with the client, we will look into developing and tweaking a chosen concept. This may be minor changes to the color scheme, looking at different layouts, or presenting some alternative typefaces for consideration and freeze the design.


Once the final logo design has been signed off, we will create Branded stationery based on the Final Logo Design and Expand the Branding onto Social Media Elements also Provide any Further Brand Collateral Required. Finally, be exported to any format required and Send a ZIP file.