Small team,
Huge impact.

We are a team of passionate designers, developers, and communicators growing businesses of all scale and sizes to launch their next products and ideas.

Half, Make it Full

Half Circle is a team of like-minded people who handles design and technology to solve real-world problems for businesses and entrepreneurs and make digital ideas, products, also experiences.

We’re named as Half Circle because we believe in people and collaborations to make it a complete circle. We collaborate with ambitious and visionaries that are looking for solutions that are authentic, impactful, and memorable.

Our Services

Mobile App

We do see a clear line between ‘digital’ and ‘real’ and know how to make that line blend and even bend to create Immersive, emotional, joyful, memorable, magical experiences to engage users at a deeper level.


We tell your business stories through images, illustrations, videos, icons, 360, 3D graphics in a well-crafted web language as a website that supports all mediums of this modern era.


We create the building blocks for brands: The Strategy, Logo, Color Scheme, iconography, visuals, messaging and tone. Yet eventually brand creates itself in the minds and hearts of the audience.